We love when people have a great workout and have fun while they do it. But, you don't have to take our word for it!

I absolutely love Gemma’s BalletBarre class. The participants range in age from 16 to 56 (me), and Gemma makes it fun for everyone. You can go at your own pace, and still get a great workout! (Believe me, you will sweat!) In the 6 months that I have been taking the class, I have more flexibility, my arms are more toned, and I have more energy. I highly recommend it! – Marie J.

Gemma’s classes are both addictive and life-changing! With her fitness program, I have found a workout regimen that is not only sustainable, but also incredibly fun. Every time I leave the studio, I feel a sense of accomplishment — and I am proud to say that her approach to dance fitness has really helped me to tone and tighten my figure, as well as to lose weight. I am so grateful to have discovered BeautyBarre and to have met such an inspiring instructor! – Allegra M.

I’ve taken these classes. Each is a terrific workout and all the stretching and strengthening is great for the body. Gemma is all about the joy of dance and teaching in a no-judgment zone. She’s a great teacher and encouraging to everyone. Her classes are much different than the other barre and dance classes I’ve tried. The studio is spacious and the atmosphere is welcoming. I’m happy to recommend Gemma’s classes. – Sarah S.

Gemma’s BeautyBarre classes are truly the best of the best and I have tried so many of them in the Boston area and suburbs. Not only does she have a friendly, upbeat way about her, Gemma is extremely sincere about ensuring that each and every class that she teaches is excellent!

Her ballet background is quite apparent and she really knows how bodies work. She consistently encourages all of us to do each move in a safe way that is best for us. That is why her classes include women of all ages…she is quite adept at working with all levels!

Her music is great and after over a year of consistently doing her classes there has been a significant positive improvement in my strength and posture. Gemma is a find and I am grateful to have found her BeautyBarre classes. – Mary H.