We Have a New Home!

1132 Highland Ave. Needham, MA

Classes available for teens, & adults. 

We have teamed up with Total Eclipse Dance Studio to offer an even wider variety of classes for all ages!

Class Offerings

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The BeautyBarre is a dance program designed to find the fun in fitness and the elegance and beauty of working hard. Developed by Gemma Santamaria, each class combines elements of dance and fitness utilizing specific movement and choreography. The structure of each class is designed to work, motivate, and excite each student while providing a great workout. The goal of the program is to make every person leave the class feeling strong, confident, and beautiful!

​The BeautyBarre ​offers four different 50 minute classes: BalletBarre, DanceCardio, Barre Stretch, and Beginning Ballet. Students take any classes they like, whenever they like. Each class is dedicated to finding the fun in fitness. Come experience the joy of a dance workout; look good, feel good, and have fun getting there!